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  • SimlarWeb

    SimilarWeb is the competitive research platform which provides the sets of data to analyze the market trend and customers behavior. It is one of the the most powerful SEO tool for internet marketers and provides mass data which helps in benchmarking the competition. 

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      6 Things Only SimilarWeb Can Do:

    • Provides Fresh Keyword Data: SimilarWeb is the only SEO tools that can provide new and trending keywords. It is best for creating best SEO strategy according to Google's Core Algorithm. 

    • You can uncover top keyword trends:

      For example:

      1. Organic Vs Paid Traffic

      2. Search Traffic By Channels

      3. Search Traffic By Source

      4. Filter Keyword Result On The Basis of Search Channels

      5. Branded and Non-branded keyword analysis

      6. Discover new keyword to target

      7. Helps to find out the trending terms

      8. Helps to find question based keywords

    • Provides Real Traffic Insights: Similarweb shows the data of overall data share, share of voice, zero click data and more...With zero click searches marketers can optimize their SEO and PPC strategies for keywords that actually drive actual traffic with higher user engagement.  

    • Discover Unique Visitors Data: This feature is most unique one where Similarweb can provide you with the unique visitors data on daily and monthly basis whereas, other software only can track sessions and pageviews. 

    • You can analyze any niche or categories and and create you own benchmark: There are 187 pre-existing categories in Similarweb's Category Analysis Tool which allows you to analyze specific category and individual players within the category. 

    • SimilarWeb provides weekly data at your fingertips: Similarweb filters and analyze data on a weekly basis which creates the real time patterns and trends that are important for your marketing strategy. 

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    What People Are Saying?

    Provides A to Z data about the competitors. Very useful for spying the competition know what audience are searching for in a similar niche.

    Larry Mathew 

    SimilarWeb extension so classic, it shows all the data for all the countries with few click. Very useful!

    Dona J. 

    Best for large companies, shows all the data which is required for the search engine ranking. Everything is included in order to rank higher on search engine. 

    Steve Smith 

    Shows accurate data of website, I use it every day. Awesome software!

    John Morris


    • Provide training for users on how to use the tool

    • The chrome extension provides the data from almost all sites on the internet

    • Identify similar websites competitors easily which makes spying process lot more easier

    • Provides customer service in 8 languages 

    • Provides seven days Free Trial

    • User Interface and design is clean and it is very easy to use the tool

    • Data are accurate enough


    • Quite expensive to upgrade to pro version 

    • Useful for the popular websites, does not show traffic of new or low traffic sites

    • Free version provides limited features

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are the competitors of SimilarWeb?

    The common alternative tools are SEMrush, Terminus and App Annie.

    Who uses SimilarWeb Pro?

    SimilarWeb Pro is used by large corporations and mid-sized companies.

    Is SimilarWeb a SEO Tool?

    Yes, SimilarWeb is a all in one SEO tool. It provides all the features for Searchc Engine Optimization.

    Does SimilarWeb Shows Data of Ad Creative and Ad Copy of Competitor's website?

    Yes, SimilarWeb shows all the data, creatives and ad copy of your competition. 

    Does SimilarWeb provide tools for link building?

    Yes, it provides tools for backlink analysis and identifies link building opportunities as well.

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